unfiction about someone discovering how to produce estrogen at home on-the-cheap


how may of y'all have searched something like "estradiol synthesis" on google scholar or something similar

@SuricrasiaOnline Now I want NileRed on YouTube to film a "Making Estradiol from {really common household thing}"... Even if impractical, that'd be really cool.

@SuricrasiaOnline Hadn't ever had that pressing of a need, but I -have- tried to learn some basic O-chem with similar thoughts.

A "lab leak" story where the main character is working in a lab and unknowingly gets contaminated with bacteria that make you boob, and they don't notice but the rest of the lab does and rolls with it, until HR comes in one day to ask about updating the main character's paperwork and suddenly the main character realizes: "oh."

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