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what if trans people could prescribe hrt to each other

I truly believe that hrt should be otc and of course people are going to be coming out of the woodwork to say "but!!!" and ignore the fact that you can destroy your liver for life by taking too much tylenol, and that's still on shelves

tampons can cause toxic shock if used improperly but they're on store shelves because people need them. we teach people risks and how to avoid them. that's life

@SuricrasiaOnline I’m doing DIY and I can’t agree more, as it is now I wouldn’t go legit unless my insurance made everything 100% free. It’s just not worth all the terrible experiences I hear people having with nightmare doctors and legal bullshit.

@JennyFluff how's the weather in Thailand this time of year?

@elly tropically hot with a chance of heavy rain probably

@SuricrasiaOnline a lot more stuff should be OTC, but there are a few middle-ground things where they could be OTC if the tools to test and monitor certain health indicators were accessible to home users, but we aren't there yet

For now, I think HRT is probably in that bucket until it's easier to monitor hormone levels and cholesterol at home. Meanwhile, we could improve access through educating doctors that HRT should be basically "are there counter indications? If not, discuss risks with patient and it's their call"

@calcifer I started with DIY, then found a good endo, who provides me with medication and tests on my insurance (they MUST pay, where I live...), and from the tests and checks every 6 months and what I learned about HRT, it's not rocket science and it's much easier and safer than many other long-time therapies.
Every MD could learn and provide it, and IMHO even DIY can be taught to patients in a pretty safe way.


@SuricrasiaOnline I still fantasize about an Open Source procedure to produce at least the basic stuff, i.e. T and E2.

All in all, we don't need that much of it.

@SuricrasiaOnline I'm so annoyed I didn't figure this out earlier:
I could have scammed estradiol from the Swedish state.
Apparently, my body absorbs the stuff really well, so I take less than normal. If I'd have known my body does that, I could have gotten prescriptions for more than I use.
And then I could have passed the extra on to someone who needs it and can't get a prescription.

But I only found out with my hormone physician, who is rather transphobic so...

@SuricrasiaOnline probably one of the only cases where having more X in field X would actually change outcomes for people

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