I like the idea that gordon freeman went to work fucking high out of his mind during the events of half life 1


all the other scientists ushering him along while he's just absolutely out of time

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if you're really empathic I recommend not watching this because it is A Lot

also I do want to say that the resonant cascade actually does happen in this head canon which, as you can imagine, would be incredibly hard to deal with even when sober

@SuricrasiaOnline That explains why everyone always has to remind him to get the HEV suit at the start... And gets lost so often...

@SuricrasiaOnline that one scientist who is all "they're waiting for you Gordon. In the /TESSSSST CHAAMMBEERRRR/" is such a dick, he knew Gordon was wired as hell and did that to mess with him

@aoife @SuricrasiaOnline either that or literally a govt agent who's also in on it with the dickish scientist from earlier and they're both pranking poor Gordon

@SuricrasiaOnline "I never thought I'd live to see a resonance cascade, let ALONE create one"
Gordon, high as fuck and wishing he was MORE high because today has so far been A Whole Thing, now visibly relieved: "oh thank God that wasn't just/me/ seeing that then"

cannabis mention 

@Nine @SuricrasiaOnline

"Damn, I knew I should have taken an extra edible this morning."

@SuricrasiaOnline it's practically canon he was high as fuck on morphine the whole time

@SuricrasiaOnline @synthgal [h.e.v. voice] hey, hey, can you feel, like, the energy of everything connected?? beep boop

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