I do think it would be very funny to post "just dropped my first NFT 😊" and just have it be a magnet link


I'm sure NFT enthusiasts would just detest if that word got genericised to mean "any digital art you get on the internet"

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@SuricrasiaOnline it’s not *really* an NFT until you’ve copyleft licensed it,

@SuricrasiaOnline Can I DDG* that NFT**?

* DuckDuckGo
** New Fancy Thing

@SuricrasiaOnline isnt nft just a string, which is recognised as unique in a designated system? Just like url, hash or geolocation coordinates? Except you have to waste lots of energy to calculate it.

@dudenas not exactly, an nft is an item on a distributed ledger that specifies the history of who owned it

in a way, the bittorrent DHT is a distributed hash table, which states that the torrent items belong to everyone :3

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