is there a word for infecting someone with a disease to cure them of a different disease

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@SuricrasiaOnline I misremembered that the rabies vaccine can be given after infection, it can, however, be given up to ten days after exposure

@SuricrasiaOnline it's also not a different illness, it's just the rabies antibodies

@SuricrasiaOnline originally, vaccination (contrasted with inoculation, which was the same disease). but since now vaccination kinda means any kind of immunisation against anything, i guess not any more???

@SuricrasiaOnline helminthic therapy is a specific example i could think of, but the wikipedia page doesn't suggest a name for the category of treatments

@SuricrasiaOnline I don’t know the answer, but this reminded me of phage therapy

which is infecting bacteria with viruses to cure you of the bacterial infection

(you’re not being infected with the disease, the bacteria inside of you are, so it’s not quite what you’re asking)

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