been thinking a lot about my minecraft story idea...


what if the infinite grid angel game was a plot point

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god I'm gonna have to do a lot of minecraft research if I did this

anyway I just think it would be neat if someone wrote a hard sci-fi story but the physics in question were minecraft physics

not sure if I would ever end up doing this unless I got back into minecraft (unlikely because it is cognitohazardous to me) but if you have your own ideas I'd love to hear them

@SuricrasiaOnline curious: are you going for 'the people in the world know this is a game, that there's some kind of abstract entity that controls the world' or 'this is an entire universe in and of itself, it just happens to have the exact physics of minecraft and undergo changes corresponding to minecraft patches'

@hierarchon the second one. I'd love for it to not have any explanation in terms of "oh it was a failed ai experiment that people on earth kept running" or whatever

I think you could just invoke tegmarkian "every mathematical universe exits" logic

@SuricrasiaOnline once upon a time flying machines felt like hard science fiction, like "the only discovery that would need to be made is a source of redstone power that can be moved without breaking", but was obviously fantastical until one was added

i have no idea if this is the kind of thing you mean

@monorail yes something like that. redstone breakthroughs would be an interesting sci-fi concept

@monorail "turns out there is a redstone configuration that basically acts as a limited sandbox escape"

@monorail I say that but there was this video I watched about how someone built an immortality machine in 2b2t

@SuricrasiaOnline oh i have another fun one

someone built a machine that suspends an ender pearl that you threw into the air until it detects a redstone signal. once it gets the signal, the pearl lands and it teleports you home

they hooked it up to a machine that sends the signal if you quickly leave and reenter the overworld (within 10 seconds or so)

this can be accomplished by going into the nether and coming back. on multiplayer, it can also be accomplished by logging off for a second

and at the heart of how the detection method works: dog behaviour

@monorail @SuricrasiaOnline i've always been more of a modded player but i *love* the weird janky shit people build using completely vanilla mechanics like this

@SuricrasiaOnline there used to be a way to use redstone to detect the size of a java hashmap being updated

@SuricrasiaOnline @monorail really, the imprisoning god is just a server admin that kickbans people for exploits if you think about it,

@monorail @SuricrasiaOnline flying machines were actually patched in a Sneaky Sunday #36686^40 update

@alexandria @SuricrasiaOnline were they?? how?? it's all intended slime block/piston behaviour, isn't it

@monorail @SuricrasiaOnline flying machines were not able to be concieved of until they patched the physics allowing them to work. had to jiggle a few constants but everything else seems to work fine, we'll mark wormholes collapsing after a few greepos of energy loss as WONTFIX and dust our hands of the thing ok

@SuricrasiaOnline The fact that minecraft is a cognition hazard to you raises so many questions. Like, do you simply mean that you are prone to making it your hyperfixation and the game becomes a time vampire? Or is it something more than that?

@Dolly it's exactly like that. one time I lost 10 hours of time digging a progressively wider, perfectly square hole

@Dolly this wouldn't be a problem if I remembered to eat during that time

@SuricrasiaOnline Basically me with Terraria right now.
(Only bought the game a few months ago lol)

I have the convenient safeguard that I cannot enjoy minecraft alone, so having no friends shields me from getting sucked in.

@SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly Once upon a time that was me with Civ games. Specifically, Sid's Alpha Centauri.

"One More Turn" lost me a whole weekend. My only caloric intake was soda, I was in a dark room with artificial light only. After 36 hours or so of making a planet sentient someone knocked on my door to let me know I was going to be late for class.

@SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly minecraft makes me want to do things with alternating squares and then deliberately manipulates itself so that i fuck up. absoultely a keter. it wants me to play it but i resist. i resist
@monorail @SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly see I want to like this scp but also my brain literally numbs when I try to read the incredibly detailed section about minecraft mob drops and stuff.

@alexandria @SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly that's fair but i love that stuff

the contrast between world ending horrors and the driest, most boring way to describe everything is just *chef kiss*

@monorail @SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly Oh I totally appreciate that to be honest! My favs are the ones that dig in to fictional science and aren't afraid to dump pages of entirely fictional fields of maths or schematics for some weird machine that happens to produce pigs

It's just with this one specifc article just,, ahhhh

@alexandria @monorail @Dolly imagine joining the foundation and the person onboarding you asks "so, do you play minecraft?"

@alexandria @monorail @Dolly "no!" you wail, "I'm not a gamer!"

but it's too late... assigned gamer at work

@SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly @monorail i postulate that for every job the foundation can give you, there is absolutely, absolutely a worse one

yes, even the one that you think of right now, there is something worse. absolutely. you must concur.
@monorail @SuricrasiaOnline @Dolly no theres an scp worse than that too. for every scp there is one worse. even if u cant imagine anything worse,,,,, thats because ur not an eldritch horror like me,,, see

@alexandria @monorail @Dolly I refuse to believe montauk is anything other than that tale that says it's reading the person a bedtime story

@SuricrasiaOnline @monorail @Dolly if the bed time story is about a princess in a castle for TWO nights in a row,,, THEN you have Trouble
@monorail @Dolly @SuricrasiaOnline its like the integers versus the real numbers. i know which one im putting my money on.
@SuricrasiaOnline frank touched the ceiling and it suddenly caved in on most of the structure,,,, we... we think it might represent sand,,,, what the FUCK

water,,,, water flows in lines,,,,,,, aaaa
@SuricrasiaOnline this sounds like a bad time tbh. minecraft AND research????? *screams*
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