there should be a mastodon instance that federates on a delay equal to the light distance from earth to mars, so it is as if that instance is transmitting from the red planet

@SuricrasiaOnline this is actually... not a bad idea and sounds kinda cool.

interplanetary social network, extremely cursed 

@SuricrasiaOnline musktodon

@SuricrasiaOnline :blobcatsurprised: I’m tempted to write up a patch to do that this weekend, actually :blobcatsurprised:

Knowing what I do about mastodon and sidekiq, I’m confident the hardest part would be correctly calculating the distance and light time

@SuricrasiaOnline Every user should pick a body in the solar system or orbital parameters so you have a different LTT delay between users and the delay drifts as time goes on.

I'd sign on for that in a heartbeat

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