a transhumanist story set within minecraft could, potentially, be an incredible work of literature

a transhumanist metafictional minecraft story would have me like :floshd:

motherhorseeyes does this thing where it switches narrator so often, it becomes a puzzle to figure out who they are and what world they live in. could do something like that

idk if this is anything 

The parodox of life, which I spent so much time thinking about, was that big things are easier to change than small things. You could destroy a monument with a couple of stacks of explosives, trivial to produce. An entire empire can fall with the right rumor, enough FUD. Sure, there were the unbreakable arches, built before the patches, made of the same stuff as the basement of the world, but those were few. An oddity, at best.

idk if this is anything 

No, the small things that I considered could be stated in simple sentences. Just a few words to get the point across. Things that you mention around the firepit late in the evening, that gets a few sullen nods from those who choose to keep you company. One that haunts--the one that tickles the back of my mind and lays in my wake--is just three words: Cruelty is fun.

I'm thinking of all the peculiarites of minecraft: societies of griefers, the triviality of building, the infinite world, building-sized computers built by a single person in an afternoon. I think this is incredibly ripe

@ilyess I do not but I'm fairly certain it's slow. I do tend to read aloud in my head and get distracted a lot

@SuricrasiaOnline thanks for the prompt reply. I hope I’m not contributing to that distraction lol

Speed reading is tough. When I try to go fast I end up just gobbling words down without fully grasping the meaning of what I’m reading.

@ilyess I have ADHD with hyperfocus and this is the only mode in which I'm able to consume books

@SuricrasiaOnline we’re all different in some way. You do what works for you. Good luck :)

@SuricrasiaOnline Infinite world with cheap travel sounds a lot like The Long Earth. But that didn't have griefers and redstone I guess. Also you can't transfer anything made of metal, so no old computers, only very expensive metal-free ones.

idk if this is anything 

@SuricrasiaOnline I think it's something, would read more

idk if this is anything 

@SuricrasiaOnline not just this, but also — it is far easier to destroy than create

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