what country is this and why are so many cool people from it

feelings about flags (+) 

@SuricrasiaOnline So... I know that this is slightly a shitpost, but... real talk: I feel more identity with the :nonbinary_flag: flag than the flag of any country.

I don't know how much esports you follow, but seeing pictures of SonicFox at a recent tournament with the trans flag behind them, doing... basically what I want to do with flag identity, was an _intense_ (and positive!) feels trip...


feelings about flags (+) 

@not_on_pizza yeah I too absolutely relate WAY more to a pride flag than my colonialist country.

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feelings about flags (+) 

@SuricrasiaOnline @not_on_pizza Some years ago, I would adopt the UN’s Earth flag (because I don’t recognize my country anymore), but the NB flag is also fine.

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