"Here is the full table of contents in ADD-friendly format (that is, video)." I feel like I'm being spoken directly to

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video tutorials are actually so much better when you have ADHD

there's a couple of people in the replies who also have ADHD saying this is not a universal experience. it's probably just me

this might be a "good at understanding spoken language" thing which I'm slowly realizing I'm actually quite good at

a couple years ago I noticed that I can understand a lot of lyrics on first listen, which I never used to be able to do :floshd:

@hierarchon I guess each person is different. I find I can eat thru tons of content by setting the speed to 2x

@hierarchon yeah it's not great since it's linear. I find it's helpful to learn something completely new to me because a good presenter will walk though things in a clear way. to get a specific piece of information, however, I can see that searching for the relevant paragraph is more useful


exactly the opposite of my experience. Give us a paragraph or two of text, it's a lot easier to focus on than a video. Especially a *voiced* video.


I guess we just take slight annoyance with calling it "ADD-Friendly" when... it isn't. not for a lot of us.

@SuricrasiaOnline I guess this is a gigantic confirmation that I'm not ADHD at all.

I'm not a fan of the video format for most tutorials, heck I sometimes downloaded the subtitles as a transcript instead.

@lanodan don't let this invalidate you! there's a couple of people in the replies who also have ADHD saying this is not a universal experience. it might just be me

@SuricrasiaOnline Well I do use some of the ADHD tips from time to time but the label on itself, myeah :shrug:
quite the same thing for asperger which I'm pretty sure I have but don't care about confirming it officially.
@SuricrasiaOnline Reminds me that I once felt like knowing english was a bit of a curse because of some people's bad songs, couldn't help but parse the words.

@SuricrasiaOnline strangers’ voices and speech patterns make brain feel icky

@SuricrasiaOnline but that’s probably a sensory processing thing

@SuricrasiaOnline also worth noting that not all “adhd things” are experienced by all ppl with adhd. adhd reacts lots with other brain/body stuff going on ime

@SuricrasiaOnline idk I def prefer video to walls of text (assuming that's the alternatives being discussed) although my auditory processing is funky so I need subtitles, but also 2x speed helps me focus better (but I need subtitles more for that), it's like layers upon layers for me lmao

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