document.querySelectorAll("span").forEach(x => { const inner = x.innerHTML; const el = document.createElement("marquee"); el.innerHTML = inner; x.replaceWith(el); })

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@SuricrasiaOnline i am going to make a userscript to run this on every website i visit


sadly marquee is removed

not to worry

document.querySelectorAll("span").forEach(e => e.animate({transform: [100, -100].map(x => `transformX(${x})`)}, {duration: 5000, iterations: Infinity})
@SuricrasiaOnline I didn't test this but it's probably good. I think I missed a % in the transform
@SuricrasiaOnline okay I think a working command is

document.querySelectorAll("span").forEach(e => { = "relative"; e.animate(["100%", "-100%"].map(x => ({left: x, transform: `translateX(${x})`})), {duration: 5000, iterations: Infinity})})
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