@SuricrasiaOnline this is some autechre shit, and i mean that as the highest praise possible

@SuricrasiaOnline that's cool. are you padding the end with empty packets to get the sounds to trail off nicely like that?

@scanlime yes exactly, the decompressor sees it as "discontinuous transmission" and tries to fill in the rest as a sort of packet loss concealment

@SuricrasiaOnline ah cool. so is this using webaudio directly too, for the mixing and reverb?

@SuricrasiaOnline (i had some fun with opus long ago, hacking it up to work over bluetooth low energy)

@scanlime yep, all web audio. I made some code to surround the opus packets with an ogg container and I fill in the opus packet body with random data and then update the ogg checksum to match

@SuricrasiaOnline Woah, nice! This is also a great illustration for a well-working data compression.

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