has anyone out here also transitioned away from a tech career? what was your experience? what industry did you switch to? (feel free to RT)

almost certain someone is going to respond to this on twitter with "but tech needs rockstar women-in-tech like you 🥺 slay queen"

these are words recruiters have actually said to me

@SuricrasiaOnline bookmarking this one to come back to later - I'm thinking about transitioning out of tech. as much as I love the technology itself, I do not love the privileged culture or the capitalism that surrounds it.

I haven't, but often questioning doing it.

Very interested in the answers

@SuricrasiaOnline I tried to make a go of being a commercial and wedding photographer, but that's a hard lark to make money from in a market that is fairly saturated by people trying to do the same thing.

So I ended up back in tech, but at an academic library, and took up blacksmithing as a hobby.

@SuricrasiaOnline I have shifted back and forth between tech and academia for the last 15 years. I got into teaching by leading workshops and one-off courses in technical subjects for artists / designers. Academia tends to pay poorly and have a brutally competitive job market until you reach a certain level. But teaching can be really rewarding if you enjoy it. When I do techie work I am usually able to work with artists, museums and institutions that I like and respect.

@praxeology My partner is in academia and he's being paid pretty well, but he has a PhD so that probably helps.

He wants to get a professorship eventually, but funny enough, some people he went to college with ended up either making their own tech startups, or working for the big tech firms. Seems like if you can't make it in science and you have a coding background, it's easy to work for G**gle

@SuricrasiaOnline I tried a lot... I always end up back programming. easy and fast money and loads of demand :o but I keep on trying hard to do agriculture.. growing some veggies, trees and Shiite :anarchoheart2:

@SuricrasiaOnline No, and I don't know that I would be able to, given where I live.

Megamies has, he recently went into nursing.

Seeing as how I'm in medical tech at the moment, I'm not sure that would alleviate the stress and other things involved with this.
And seeing as how non-medical often doesn't have a use of 'helping people...'

So yeah I'm wishing to alleviate this whole disaster, but I don't know of any options that are not equal or worse in terms of how little they contribute to a better world.

@Truck @SuricrasiaOnline Have you looked into LibreHealth or GNU Health?

@be @SuricrasiaOnline

I haven't; I may if they have any work in Finland.

I may also just try to get a job somewhere that actually helps people; in speaking with many folks in various countries about health care, software, hardware, and the general IT situations -

Well let me put it this way:

Don't get sick, or have a body that wears out.

@SuricrasiaOnline Not sure if it already counts as a career, but I was studying computer science with the goal of becoming a programmer and dropped out of that to start an apprenticeship as a train operator (shunting driver). Reasons include having little hope of passing the university math exams and wanting to do at least something moderately physical and with a (positive) real world impact

@SuricrasiaOnline every once in a while I consider it but then I have days like Monday that remind me how much I love what I do.

I'd love to get into some kind of DEI role if it paid well, though.

@SuricrasiaOnline i transitioned out of tech, but quickly realised that what i was attempting to transition into - law; i wanted to be a barrister - wasn't something i was going to be able to do with disabling social phobia

so i ended up without a landing place, and after trying unsuccessfully to transition back into tech for a year i ended up with an autism diagnosis and on disability benefits

@SuricrasiaOnline They're not on fedi, but someone I know from a previous gig went into cooking, working in a few restaurants, more recently shifting into pasty, cakes especially.

Upside: personally fulfilling

Downside: awful pay

(The long, late hours certainly won't be to everyone's liking, either)

@SuricrasiaOnline I was a teacher, then network guy, then back to teaching. Working with boxes is sometimes fun, but working with people is better. I just expanded my definition of tech until I was doing stuff for people I like

@SuricrasiaOnline I am out of work as of Friday and after over a decade of working software jobs and burning out on each an average of once a year, I'm trying to figure out what to do next. Sadly, the career I'd like to try (veterinary assistant) doesn't pay a living wage where I live.

I'm excited to see what suggestions other people may have.

@SuricrasiaOnline Long ago I was a chip designer and then a CMOS technology engineer. I liked that job.
Then I moved to academia (as a postdoc), and I'm still there 20 years later. Unlike one of the other posters, I don't enjoy teaching. But I still prefer it over returning to industry.

@SuricrasiaOnline after burning out on tech I've been slowly getting into math/science tutoring, and it's working out so far (otoh I'm not currently paying rent and most of my students come through connections at my old private high school)

I'm still worried about burnout/stress on some level & very hesitant to increase my workload

@SuricrasiaOnline I wish. But I have one thing I'm good enough at to make a living with--explaining things to people--and the only way I know of to get respect and a living wage doing that is as a technical writer at an evil corporation. I could become a teacher, but I've seen enough of my parents' teaching careers to know it's not for me.

Someday I hope to have enough money to start a queer art commune.


@SuricrasiaOnline Was originally fasttracking into IT support for years. And then immediately bounced off all of the proprietary & cloud stuff that all the local businesses and departments had. I didn't want to troubleshoot 40 iPads and 70 Chromebooks. A process of mashing multiple black boxes of varying corporate origins and degrees of novelty together. I thought it would just be server rooms and workstations, anything more was a nightmare come true.

@SuricrasiaOnline i have only successfully transitioned from liking tech and having money to being depressed about tech and worried about money 😑

@SuricrasiaOnline It's sad to see how much potential capitalism wastes. 💔 I'm sure all you skilled techies commenting in this thread could build cool technologies that improve people's lives.

@SuricrasiaOnline Traditioned out and back twice. First time was into law enforcement and went back pretty quick. Second time was to driving a truck and that lasted a couple years before I went back.

@amsomniac @SuricrasiaOnline or really I suppose the position is open to anyone versed in quinjitsu. if a recruiter said the words "slay queen" to me i would inform them that they have just ensured that i will never work at any company they work for and promptly block them on all platforms we are both on

@linear I always ghost recruiters but they send me emails anyway

@SuricrasiaOnline @linear in the 90s/early 2ks I had a plan to make recruiters obsolete but was too lazy to implement it I'm sorry


@SuricrasiaOnline And yet one assumes they would not be too happy should you decide to actually slay them.

@SuricrasiaOnline if someone says "slay queen" i'm fairly sure that's an open invitation to swing a sword at them

@SuricrasiaOnline gag me lol i avoid any company that says rockstar to me at this point


@catgoat @SuricrasiaOnline Well how do you expect to get hired without knowing ?

@SuricrasiaOnline not sure if this addresses the question in a useful way, but I left tech to raise my kids. One of the things I miss about working in tech is that even when it seems like everything's going wrong, you at least get a sense that your success or failures are within your control. If my 2yo decides he's going to just shit on the floor all week, I can try a bunch of things but fundamentally it's beyond my control, and if he stops I don't really get to feel any validation

@SuricrasiaOnline I hope to someday be able to do. For now the money outweighs the downsides 🤷🏻‍♀️.

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