@WizardOfDocs unfiction is fiction that insists that it's real, usually by using the tone/style of nonfiction or playing with medium (e.g. being presented as a news article)

@SuricrasiaOnline I see

Is it really unfiction if the writer (in this case, GPT-3) doesn't know it's not true?

Also I'm wondering if Gulliver's Travels counts as an early example

@WizardOfDocs I'm not sure if author intent matters, I'd call it an aesthetic thing

@WizardOfDocs I'm not going to try to be the arbiter of what unfiction is, of course

@SuricrasiaOnline Tom Scott has made unfiction; see Single Point of Failure

it's so realistic people kept getting confused and worried in the comments and he had to put "FICTIONAL" in the video title

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