does anyone else think too much about all the wasted cycles on all the web servers in the world working through their interpreted languages?

does anyone else think too much about all the cycles spent compiling the minecraft java bytecode to x86?

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@SuricrasiaOnline personally i am more frustrated by client-side computation in web dev, because all these disasterously heavy JS architectures offload computation to dozens of computers when instead a single server could generate, cache, and send the same info

@SuricrasiaOnline but also im frustrated by everyone using interpreted languages to describe layout when we literally have an entire robust markup language and extremely powerful styling language that people could use instead for a fraction of the computation

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline oh big same! The heavy js UI library we use at my work, every time I refresh a page, and think “wow that’s a long time to wait for it to do the exact same content generations”

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