thinking about the many ways you can interact with social media with the assumption that your knowledge or opinion will change in the future

opening every youtube video with "in the event that sometime in the future I find that my statements in this video are incorrect, a card will appear in the corner linking to a video covering the errata"


this means if you make a video that is problematic you don't necessarily have to delete it.

like some takes are so bad you gotta delete them, but others its good to keep the context up so the discussion and learning that occurred remains for posterity

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@SuricrasiaOnline it'd be really cool if people could re-upload videos into the context of the old one, I'm sure they can figure out how to make it very obvious that it's not the original video, or only give people the feature if they fulfill certain criteria

@SuricrasiaOnline or maybe they could use their video analysis tech to only allow a certain percentage of changes

@noiob I feel like "add (max 5 minute) prelude to video" could work

@SuricrasiaOnline but that would require YouTube to give a shit about any content that isn't immediately marketable

@noiob I feel like you could sell it like "add new/relevant promotional content to start of old videos" or some marketing bullshit like that

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