I went to the hardware store and the person ringing me up very casually mentioned how:

- they were a member of one of the three Canadian industrial bands in the 80s
- they have met aphex twin
- they had a pink jumpsuit that zipped up from their left ankle to their right shoulder, with vibrant blue hair to match

@SuricrasiaOnline Ok, so, Skinny Puppy, Econoline Crush, and Front Line Assembly?

You know, Econoline Crush is the only one which has no Demoscene references I know of. (I have a friend who's handle is Front Line Assembly, my group Pr0cess 1541 was named after a Skinny Puppy album, and then there are several other skinny puppy references.

If it wasn't one of those, please inform privately which it was as I probably need to check the band out (:

@SuricrasiaOnline it takes many types to form a society

you may never recognize the excellence in front of you

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