I'm going to accidentally make a colour calibration tool for linux, aren't I

I mean I'm pretty sure I understand the science behind calibration?

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@variance or a spectrophotometer

or a spectrometer

or whatever it's called. the thing that tells you the sRGB value of some emissive source

@SuricrasiaOnline oof

apparently some photo places might rent colorimeters though? but idk, prob would be hard to find one, welp

@SuricrasiaOnline ok but seriously, do you live anywhere near a graphic designer meetup or a company that employs graphic designers you could use

@r4v5 I work for a company that probably has graphic designers

@SuricrasiaOnline DisplayCAL runs on Linux and works pretty well in my experience. (Based on ArgyllCMS, which is pretty reasonable on its own.)

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