@SuricrasiaOnline I know why you used a ternary operator, but maybe for learning purposes it should have a comment saying what it does.

(I actually was wondering what the command "hit" did in shader code, and then realized it was a variable...)

@Truck if you follow the link to the shadertoy, you will see that I commented how the ternary operator works and also explained the hit variable

@SuricrasiaOnline Hmm, I had gone there this morning, and um...

I managed to not see it at all.

But then, I probably have some javascript thing that it needs to display comments blocked by default (like disqus or similar)
I'll go look again (:

I did forward this to some folks who were saying that shaders were black magic to them, so they could have something to begin with - but wanted to include a comment about it so it wasn't a direct boost.

@SuricrasiaOnline um also for bonzomatic use, this...

what the heck is "out?" If it's a void function, it should not return anything. That's just ... that's just wrong.

I understand you didn't make whatever spec that is but ... seriously, wtf.

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