anyone in toronto have an old ATX computer case they don't want anymore 🤔

any cases that look super dated basically. beige, glossy black, etc


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I'm doing whatever I can do avoid chonky computers with transparent side panels

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@tom no but it sure looks dated compared to all the gamer cases with the transparent side panels and such

@tom @SuricrasiaOnline gotta hook up that display to an Arduino or sth and display relevant info

@SuricrasiaOnline @tom I admit that I don't find it really dated. But I also don't have one this super modern-looking cases ^^'.

@Sylvhem @SuricrasiaOnline yeah I'd rather call it "bog-standard office pc"-like, I literally had one of those at my old job after they made me give up my other desktop pc that was a hacked together server chassis with cables hanging out the sides for easy access to sata ports

@tom When you says it like that, I have the feeling they had to took your old computer from your hands XD.


@Sylvhem @SuricrasiaOnline KIND OF... I still miss that computer and I don't even work there anymore

@Sylvhem @SuricrasiaOnline but I might also be angry because in turn they forced us over to windows 10 so

more recent suggestion 

@SuricrasiaOnline I have a Dell Dimension 2350 lying around... but that's probably a bit too far away.

@pcy god that's exactly the kind of thing I'd be looking for. oh well

@SuricrasiaOnline these are the only valid cases. Gamer aesthetics are utter rubbish

@SuricrasiaOnline fwiw if you can’t find any locally, there seem to be a bunch on ebay

@variance if I don't have a plan for a case by the weekend I'm going to buy one from canada computers

@SuricrasiaOnline ah dang, I forgot about shipping. I’ll try asking around on campus fwiw

@SuricrasiaOnline I knew you would like that one lol. If I end up in Toronto I'll bring it. If you end up in NB let me know...don't know what shipping would be

@mgrondin I would be ok with paying for shipping, and maybe extra 🤔

the only question is if it is an ATX case and has space for an ATX power supply and doesn't have its own

@SuricrasiaOnline It's got a power's still has a PC in it. I would empty it for you. I'll take some more pics later on. Pretty sure it's ATX

@SuricrasiaOnline Here's more pics. Front,Back and inside. It's quite dusty/dirty i would clean it up best i can. It's gone a little yellow in the front. Anyways if you want it we can discuss shipping and such.

@mgrondin this looks really promising. if you can, could you measure the height of the pci slots and the dimensions of the psu? I just wanna make sure the parts I already bought would fit

alternatively you could just take a photo with a coin for scale and I can figure it out myself haha

@SuricrasiaOnline Hows this? That's a standard Canadian quarter standing up flush with the back side of the case.

The original(Not sure if masto resizes)

@mgrondin @SuricrasiaOnline looks nice, that'll fit nearly any ATX size motherboard just fine, and should even work with most tower-style cpu coolers up to 120mm fan size. Enough space to fit big GPUs too. Main issue is that it doesn't have enough airflow for cooling a high-end modern PC, so you'd either have to select low-power parts, or cut some metal to add an additional cooling fan in the back (and maybe front too).

You can get internal USB adapters so you can keep the working floppy drive.

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