next time any of y'all are having a masto meetup PLEASE FAX ME THE DEETS!!!

@HTHR the ballpit at the masto meetup is 1 meter in width and length and 1000 meters in depth

@SuricrasiaOnline @HTHR finally, we can live our dream of getting the bends without swimming

@HTHR @violet I can also get the bends! watch this!

*screams and rotates perfectly along the y-axis*

@SuricrasiaOnline @HTHR also there's only one ball and it's 1.1 meters in diameter

@SuricrasiaOnline We have them every month in Seattle, come hang out

...well, in *theory* we have them every month, but we finally did one again a couple weeks ago so it's looking good!!!

@Skirmisher who's all there?

I think I've heard about seattle happenings and I would love to go

@SuricrasiaOnline Well @weird_hell organizes them and the people who show up usually vary a fair bit, though there are some folks who have come to most of them

But in general there's a bunch of fediversians and their friends hanging out in the Seattle area, it's honestly a lot sometimes but there are a lot of folks who would be happy to meet up with you ^_^

@Skirmisher @SuricrasiaOnline Yeah, I was thinking I should be, like, 'yeah wassup what's ur fax number'

There's a rotating cast of a few dozen regulars. cuz it's other people's privacy I'll just say "check the followers of @theseattlemeetup " and it's some of those people

But like, yeah. Zigg visited that one time, so we just got peeps together and went to dinner. But there are folks who I'll hang out with cuz we're just, like, friends now. If you visited we'd hella put something together to see you.

@weird_hell @Skirmisher @theseattlemeetup omg that sounds awesome. yeah there are a lot of familiar faces in the follower list. I'll have to figure out when I'd be able to go out there!

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