sometimes I wish that computer science followed an apprenticeship model where a wiser mentor teaches you best practises. actually useful things like "here is how you run an open source project without being an ass" or "here is how to clean the scroll wheel of your mouse"


when are we going to get a workshop tradition and philosophy for computer science

wouldn't it be cool if computer scientists were as proud of their craft and always strived toward perfecting their art like woodworkers

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instead we have the all-to-common opinion that "computers are garbage and can never be good"

sometimes things are good. sometimes code is elegant and fun to read. sometimes programming is fun and rewarding

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but I understand where this sentiment comes from, believe me. we live in a corporate hellscape, where anything that can be sold immediately stops being an art and instead becomes a commodity. I've worked at many jobs where the heart and soul I pour into my work goes to waste, or is built upon disgusting foundations.

but not all art has to be corporate, and not all code needs to be, either

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anyway I truly believe that programming can be good and valuable, and not in the capitalistic sense of the word "value"

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did you know woodworkers are proud of their kludges to fix broken pieces or blemishes?

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@SuricrasiaOnline this is me but about like, mass manufacturing technology

@SuricrasiaOnline my ideal job is "maintains machines which bulk manufacture food for several communes"

@SuricrasiaOnline this is such a huge mood

I want to think of myself as a craftsperson, but it's hard when the prevailing attitude seems to be "hahaha who knows why code does anything"

@SuricrasiaOnline I'm waiting for the "actually all lathes are garbage" take from the woodworking community now ^^

(but seriously, computers are awesome!)

@SuricrasiaOnline this is how i feel about computer science, and having trouble finding that in the world was a big contributor to me dropping out of the program after a couple of years :( but i've been taking this approach in slowly inching back towards it.

@SuricrasiaOnline It exists on /λ/ /tech/, and /g/. It usually begins with "Install Gentoo."

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