@SuricrasiaOnline but the part where it's giving you the finger for both random digits is really :a_plus:

@SuricrasiaOnline hey wolfram alpha,
here is a random digit for you 🖕

@SuricrasiaOnline of all the random digits it could have given you, it had to be the middle finger


this may be the greatest easter egg of all or first contact with an AI, and the fact both of these are plausible says a lot about how weird the world really is

@SuricrasiaOnline When I ask Wolfram Alpha questions, I *usually* end up sorry I asked. It's extremely rare that it actually ends up interpreting my question correctly, let alone giving me a useful answer.

@SuricrasiaOnline I think the only query I've gotten a good answer from WA for is "mass of moon in cheese". It gave me the nutrition facts for a ball of cheese the mass of the moon. Which is what I wanted!

@varx @SuricrasiaOnline We know the caloric content of a cubic light year of wasabi because of wolfram alpha.

@SuricrasiaOnline "dogs per cat" -> "Assuming Tigra (Marvel Comics) | Use [Cat (Red Dwarf)] or [Walter Hardy] instead"

"emoji" -> "Interpreting as: OTZ ... Input interpretation: Ralph Wien Memorial Airport"

Moin ™ @SuricrasiaOnline,
Did You expect an other answer?
Wolfram alpha, it's fits to my idea of that service.
Some nerdy, scientific.


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