I made a class in C++ today and I'm surprised it's not something that was already in the standard library

basically it's a class called LockBox<C> that holds an instance of C which is inaccessible, unless you use the Unlocker<C> class like so:

C instance;
LockBox<C> box(instance);
*pass box around to different threads*
*later in some thread*
Unlocker<C> instance(box);

and it's thread safe C:

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Unlocker<C> is a friend class that locks a mutex inside of LockBox<C> and acts as a lock_guard for that mutex. it also uses the -> and * operators to let you access members of the underlying C class

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you can also make the Unlocker const so you can only access const members of C

there is a wrinkle because there is no copy constructor since std::mutex has no copy constructor, but you could potentially get around this by wrapping the mutex in a std::shared_ptr

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