YOU are given a MODERN MID-RANGE GAMING LAPTOP and ONE DAY before you are sent back in time to the year of your choosing.

YOUR TASK: pick a year and choose a goal that you intend to achieve. Explain how you will use your resources to achieve this goal.

EXAMPLE: I am going to 2009 and my goal is to spend Satoshi Nakamoto's 50 bitcoins. I use my superior graphics card to perform a 51% attack on the young bitcoin network and send the money to me 😎


1. Download the latest dump of wikipedia, including all images, edit history, and languages
2. Go back to January 15, 2001
3. Send Jimmy Wales the goods
4. Sit back and enjoy the chaos

@SuricrasiaOnline 5. ask Jimmy Wales not to stare at us all from atop the page.

@SuricrasiaOnline Ooh, almost forgot - suck basically all of the money out of the world economy and crash it with advance stock knowledge, topple numerous dictators with embarrassing personal and/or state secrets, and predict every earthquake, tsunami, and solar flare for the next few decades

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