YOU are given a MODERN MID-RANGE GAMING LAPTOP and ONE DAY before you are sent back in time to the year of your choosing.

YOUR TASK: pick a year and choose a goal that you intend to achieve. Explain how you will use your resources to achieve this goal.

EXAMPLE: I am going to 2009 and my goal is to spend Satoshi Nakamoto's 50 bitcoins. I use my superior graphics card to perform a 51% attack on the young bitcoin network and send the money to me 😎

Want a challenge?

You are sent back to 1989.
Prove you have the compute power to the world, while minimizing the risk of getting your machine stolen.

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What I would do is build a big enclosure for the laptop so on the outside it looks as bulky as any super computer, when actually it's just a couple of server racks filled with cement walkway tiles

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This way it is less unlikely that this (now room-sized) machine is so powerful

@SuricrasiaOnline also it is less unlikely to, you know, get it stolen

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