@SuricrasiaOnline Oh I have a bit of a story.

Once I added a feature to a popular open source project with a PR. I asked the maintainers what to do and followed their advice to the letter.

They decided to ban me from IRC and from creating issues and pull requests for this.

About a week later someone created an almost identical patch, the only difference was it passed a tiny bit more state.

@gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline I found an issue in an FOSS project due to an obscure issue with the use of select() rather than poll(), wrote up a detailed message about the problem including a link to an article I write about the issue, a bug repro, and a very simple fix. I submitted it to their bugs list and the core maintainer called me an idiot for not formatting my email to his exacting, unpublished standards, insisted the issue was all in my head, and told me to see a therapist.

@gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline then there鈥檚 the time that I reported an issue with an RSS reader where a combination of UX factors made it unpleasant with brief internet outages and the maintainer told me I should get better internet. When my response was that internet isn鈥檛 100% reliable he said I should move to a better country, then.

@fluffy @SuricrasiaOnline I have a fiber connection to my house, wired to my desktop.

It still goes down.

@gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline yeah and the issue was one of bad design; it polled the server once a second to see if there was new content, switched the screen to an error page if it couldn鈥檛 contact the server ONCE, and also marked items read as soon as they became visible. So I鈥檇 start to read an article and then suddenly the error page comes up, I reload and the article is gone forever.

@fluffy @SuricrasiaOnline That's a ridiculous poll rate too. That's just bad in general.

@gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline in both of these anecdotes the people involved were going out of their way to have Torvaldsian insult pissing matches with me. I found it easier to just opt not to use them anymore and suggest others not do the same.

So this is why I no longer use FreeGLUT or Tiny Tiny RSS (the latter of which is not particularly tiny and is in fact way over designed).

@fluffy @SuricrasiaOnline People take everything as a personal attack anymore. Sucks.

@SuricrasiaOnline @fluffy he also reacted to his own message with: laugh emoji, hooray emoji, heart emoji

@fluffy @gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline i'm contemplating to start replying to these people with something like: "ha ha fuck off insecure manbaby. blocked"

@gudenau @fluffy @SuricrasiaOnline that first part doesn't uuuuuuusually work on (publicly archived) mailing lists鈥!!

@hirojin @gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline unfortunately it鈥檚 also stopping to their level and gives them more of a reason to lash out. And I don鈥檛 have the emotional bandwidth to deal with it. I鈥檇 rather work with projects that aren鈥檛 run by garbage people.

@hirojin @gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline the peewee ORM one caused me to spend a few days replacing all my database code with Pony ORM which turns out to have a nicer API and, perhaps not coincidentally, a nicer author/maintainer.

@fluffy @gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline re emotional bandwidth: I do mean it when i say "blocked"

anyway, yeah, you're right

i've dropped out of (using) a bunch of FLOSS, most prominently: LineageOS for its excellent IRC support: gist.github.com/igalic/6065107

@hirojin @gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline wow I love how they even have an IRC bot command to demonstrate their assholeness

@fluffy @gudenau @SuricrasiaOnline that's a very good benchmark

When a community goes out of their way to automate that, run.

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