I placed the assets in roughly the same spot as the last products so they should probably come out the same

@SuricrasiaOnline so how long until you start putting up retro suricrasia online merch for the 90s kids

@SuricrasiaOnline honestly both of these look like they're from different eras of graphic design to me

the new one looks more 80s and the old one looks more 90s

suricrasia online is going back in time

@xyzzy we're the benjamin button of internet service providers


I am very disappointed that "Suricrasia Online Mug Mug" appears to be a type and not a mug with a picture of the logo'd mug on it.

@SuricrasiaOnline Those look sweeeeet

I want both, but I might be better off waiting until after I've moved... 😔

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