Ok I'm ordering a new mug and new shirt with the new logo so I can make real life product images!

@SuricrasiaOnline a similar orb was for many years the logo of the commercial TV station for the English Midlands region (we used to have 16 commercial TV stations, one for each UK region, but mismanagement and greed has reduced them to just one (the adverts are still sold per region)

@SuricrasiaOnline that particular region of ITV made some particularly good programmes, such as the satirical puppet show "Spitting Image" and drama about Northern builders working in Germany "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" (not sure if these were ever widely seen outside the UK). also detective series "Inspector Morse", which I think was more widely exported..

@vfrmedia I think the only ostensibly british things I grew up with were wallace and gromit, and art attack
I remember having a VHS of "a grand day out" which I watched an innumerable number of times

@vfrmedia @SuricrasiaOnline spitting image made it to the usa in the form of a genesis video
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