I really should get a new computer but I'm so indecisive...


optimally I would want a thinkpad but they seem to be increasingly annoying to run linux on

@SuricrasiaOnline It's just my experience, with the specific hardware I happened to be given by Lenovo on this X390, but I had no trouble with installing Arch on it (other than me making it more complicated for myself). Everything works out of the box for me (I did not include the fingerprint sensor nor WWAN in my BTO though).


what are your requirements? would a used device be an option? (cheaper, better linux support, fewer fires in Agbogbloshie)

~ sent from my 2014 thinkpad that i bought a year ago

I'm currently using a thinkpad w530 from 2012
-> extremely heavy
-> shitty graphics chip (intel UHD graphics is more powerful than the quadro chip in my machine!)
-> getting old and not as reliable anymore

my problem is mostly that I see all these cool tech features (gpu raytracing, high core count cpus, etc) that I'd love to use as a tech person, but I need to tell myself that I don't *need* it

@SuricrasiaOnline is that the machine you're using for the demoscene stuff or do you have a desktop for that?

@SuricrasiaOnline oh wow, that's impressive.

i'd come to two conclusions from that:

a) if you're going for "good gpu", it might be worth to not pay that much attention to weight. something super-light/-slim/-integrated is going to have a thermal problem, which means the fan and the battery (and probably other components) won't live long.

b) if it's your only machine, it's probably ok to spend a little more


also, having an easily removable battery is a huge plus if you're stressing the gpu because

a) you can remove the battery while doing gpu-intensive stuff with the laptop plugged in, so the battery won't suffer

b) if the battery dies, you can replace it (obviously)


another possible tradeoff would be to continue using the thinkpad (unless "not as reliable" is a really pressing issue), and get a desktop computer in addition. you'll get more performance for the same amount of money, and there's less wear due to better cooling and not having a battery. also easier to upgrade.

@NHonigdachs I need something more powerful than a dual core system, unfortunately

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