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And now: a new book from the Suricrasia Online Online Library

From Mantax Case Studies in Computer Consciousness:
"The Apollo Guidance Computer"
By Heather Meafield and Earl Dayles

The year is 1971. The Apollo 12 Lunar Module descends toward the moon surface, the first manned craft to perform the maneuver. Aboard are astronauts Gus Grissom and Alan Shepard, as well as the most sophisticated digital computer yet built: The Apollo Guidance Computer. Minutes before landing, a program alarm initiated by the AGC rings out inside the cockpit. But this alarm did not signal an error, fault, or warning. Instead, it triggered a sequence of events still shrouded in mystery today.

Heather Meafield and Earl Dayles, both alumni of the Caltech Spaceflight Laboratory and equally instrumental in the design of the AGC, introduce and examine the theories and implications of the Moonbeam anomaly. Incorporating recently declassified data, the pair draw parallels between Moonbeam and a variety of other well-studied computer consciousness incidents. These include the 1970 PDP-11 transmogrification events, the Soviet schema bomb, and the disappearance of Konrad Zuse.

The Apollo Guidance Computer will be of special interest to those who have studied the Apollo missions in depth, but it is also accessible to readers within the field of computer consciousness.

@SuricrasiaOnline I figured out what the Schema bomb reminded me of. It feels a lot like the "calendrical" weapons in Yoon Ha Lee's Mechineries of Empire series(Or his fictional weapons in general).

@violet someone actually brought up that same book! I think I gotta read it now

@SuricrasiaOnline it's so good! His writing is excellent in general though too.

@SuricrasiaOnline My mind's in the gutter, but that computer is really horny, even if that two key is supposed to look like the crenelations of the brain.

@violet yeah halfway through working on this I realized "that.. looks like..."

but I realized I had already sunk 2 hours into it, so why not let it be uncanny

@SuricrasiaOnline Okay, I'm glad my brain's not that far gone into the gutter that it's a new thought though.

@violet @SuricrasiaOnline personally I thought that key was flexing and being seriously buff

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