write code that makes mere mortals scream in terror

@SuricrasiaOnline *unhinges jaw, howls "static B jtfmtq(J jt,B e,I m,I d,C*s,I t,Q*wv){B b;C*v=jt->th2buf;I c,ex=0,k,n,p,q,*xv;Q y;X a,g,x;" to the winds*

@SuricrasiaOnline also it's fascinating how powerful matrix-oriented languages can be, J is extremely quick at running through problems

I think most of us do that in our first few years as a software developer. Or when we're really tired.

@SuricrasiaOnline Every function defines a different dsl for defining another dsl that defines the problem, which is then solved by an AI.

@SuricrasiaOnline Best I can do on short notice:
var valid = ((10 - (input.Select(x => x).Select(x => int.Parse(x + "")).ToList().Take(9).Select((x,i) => (i%2 == 0 ? (x > 4 ? 2*x-9 : 2*x) : x)).Sum() + 24) % 10) % 10).ToString() == (input[9] + "");

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