this may be a long shot but anyone live in boston/somerville area with a couch I could crash at 🤔

I want to go to the @party demoparty and I bought my flight but all the hotels in the area are super expensive

I can throw in money if needed :o
or buy food. or something

@SuricrasiaOnline Mail / find Dr. Claw (Yes, head organizer) and see if he knows anyone / anywhere. I'm thinking he does... or at least he'll see what can be done.

(this is an example of why would be useful, but for some reason people are thinking it's only for Finns. No, it's for everyone... it's just mainly the Norwegians, Finns, and UK sceners are using it...)

@pcy @SuricrasiaOnline and someone went and filled in his travel bits as well, because someone hadn't done that yet.

@SuricrasiaOnline well I live about 45 minutes away, but unfortunately i reside in a tiny studio apartment with my SO, so space is kiiinda nonexistent here...

@Frinkeldoodle @SuricrasiaOnline @party has been going on for 10 years. It's the longest running demoparty in the US.

Also "nearby" for "distances less than Helsinki to Saarbrooklyn:" DemoSplash, which is at Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh,) and SynchronNY (starts in NYC, ends in Montreal, much of the party is on a train.)

@Truck @Frinkeldoodle I really wanted to do SynchroNY but I forgot it was happening >_<

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