It's a very peculiar feeling when someone says "you know that <very specific thing> over near <very specific place>" and you know exactly what they're talking about, even though there is no reason why you should. For example, I was reading The Three Body problem and it mentioned a radio telescope south of Ürümqi, and its satellite image came to my head immediately because I had researched it years earlier for a (now defunct) writing project.

Anyway this is probably what memory augmentation would feel like.


Could you imagine someone talking to you and segueing into a discussion about the staircase behind their highschool and you know exactly what they're talking about despite never having been there?

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Imagine the kind of extremely minute conversations you could have if everyone worked off the same set of memories. You could discuss with someone about a misprint in the first run of a book series released in 2003, jumping around in memories, trying to remember when you (them? we?) accidentally selected the wrong spelling correction in MS word

Speaking of which do y'all remember that misprint in Cryptonomicon that used the word "discreet" instead of "discrete"?

@SuricrasiaOnline This slid directly from "That would be cool" to Ghost in the Shell-esque "What is individuality?"


this is roughly how things are going with my wife and I after almost a decade together, because we appear borderline psychic at times having nearly context-free conversations between ourselves

(we are looking forward to how weird this will feel in another ten-ish years)

@sydneyfalk @SuricrasiaOnline same, I'll even know when she's about to make a silly noise and make the same/a complementary one. brainsync~

@LazyTechsupport @SuricrasiaOnline

It's one of those lovely things that happen when you can put lots of time into something; you find all the hidden tricks and end results that people who dismiss it wouldn't find. (I used to be kind of obnoxiously anti-marriage, and now I kinda think it's mutated into something that can actually be pretty good)

We're nine years this December, and NGL, sometimes you can have a connection with a person that changes your life in unimaginable (good) ways. ^_^

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