@linuxenko @SuricrasiaOnline oooo my nostalgic version is 8.10 and I want a CD copy of it now... Guess those are super hard to find :( I think they were free back in the day

@linuxenko @SuricrasiaOnline remember when entire operating systems had a quarter the system requirements that IM programs do today

@linuxenko @SuricrasiaOnline
image description: Ubuntu 7.04 disk on its open paper case, a sticker, and a booklet with a group of four ethnically diverse people on the left and a "what is ubuntu" page on the right

@linuxenko @SuricrasiaOnline I love this.

I was so disappointed that they stopped making these. I started collecting official LTS鈥檚 in 2010

@SuricrasiaOnline As far as I know, the screenshot you've posted is from 8.04 , it was my favorite until I updated it

@SuricrasiaOnline i love how they tried to make orange and brown, a color theme normally associated with unhealthy bowel states, into an attractive brand palette. and actually kinda succeeded!

@SuricrasiaOnline I'm looking at this and trying to work out which year this is most likely to be, going mostly by the clock in the top panel.

I always loved those warm colors, so far away from cold Windows.
I always had CDs at hand to give away.

@sebsauvage @SuricrasiaOnline The (old) "human" colors: the only thing I liked about Ubuntu...

@SuricrasiaOnline i am drawn back to the time i killed my Windows PC through blindly accepting avast file deletions so i installed an ubuntu disk a friend gave me.

i couldn't get wifi working so i installed windows 7 over it.
@SuricrasiaOnline christmas eve 2007, 9 year old me tried to install in dual-boot on the family PC and wiped everything instead :unexplainable:

@SuricrasiaOnline also, signs I'm steadily climbing my 30's: I look at the nostalgic toots and think "but it wasn't *that* long ago..."

... :blobnervous:

reminds me of high school english class

we had computer labs that ran this

@SuricrasiaOnline not the good kind for some of us. For me it's closer to a PTSD flashback

@SuricrasiaOnline back then I used to remember all of Ubuntu release names by heart. Lasted until Karmic Koala, I think :-)

@SuricrasiaOnline oh hey, just today I found copies of The Ubuntu Bible on my university's library and it's all about Ubuntu 7.10 lmao

@SuricrasiaOnline I've started my linux user life with Ubuntu 6.

12 years ago.

Getting old...

@SuricrasiaOnline Oh wow... that has been a while 馃槄 I started in 08 with Hardy though ^^ Hach those sweets moments of pain trying to figure out why my system would not boot... or if it did, just crash after login. Bad RAM kit 馃槄

@SuricrasiaOnline one of our hackerspace's machines was still on ubuntu 9.04 + RT_PREEMPT patches for CNC stuff until a year or so ago

@SuricrasiaOnline 馃槏 Hardy was actually the first Linux I truly got behind and made me like it

I'm sure this must have already been said. Just let me add my two pennies: I am using Mate (a fork of Gnome 2 created to let the interface live), and my gui is the same to this day.
Personally I am convinced that Mate / Gnome2 should be the default Linux interface, at least on the big distros.
I installed it in my Slackware box and hey... I've got Slackware with the best Gnome interface ever.

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