Anyway don't get me started about normative theories of ethics based on advancements in decision theory

@SuricrasiaOnline But... I really like hearing you rant/thoughtdump about decision theory!

@SuricrasiaOnline @garbados This is, by far, the most esoteric contribution to the two wolves meme.

@SuricrasiaOnline Oh! In that case: my timeline is full of people getting super weird skiing variations of references to that parable about how there are two wolves inside you and one represents good and the other evil and the one you feed wins. In true fediverse fashion, it got super absurd super fast. I guess your timeline and mine are sufficiently different that you're not seeing it.

@benhamill @SuricrasiaOnline two wolves inside you; one knows of two wolves and one does not
Can the two-wolf wolf communicate the fact of two-wolf to the one-wolf wolf without revealing itself to the one-wolf wolf?

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