I hate when you ask a question on a forum and the first response is "why would you even wanna do this lol"

Why even reply if you can't add anything constructive?

@SuricrasiaOnline GOD I got that on (where else) an IRC channel looking for "is this possible" tech help, once.

"... so basically, is there some way I can cache how far ./configure got 'cause it takes really long to redo the whole first-70%-until-the-next-thing-I'm-missing every time I install another library to get past the previous part?"

"Why would you even WANT to compile Emacs on a Raspberry Pi?!?"

@SuricrasiaOnline this is like whenever i talk about some itunes feature that i like and want to see in another (ideally open-source) application and someone always says "why do you need that, why do you even need to rate your music. surely you know what music you like" or something. like, why do you even need to listen to music, surely you already know what music sounds like,

@jk @SuricrasiaOnline oh god yes this

"Why do you want it to choose an album at random and play it all the way through? Isn't normal shuffle fine?"

"Why do you need it to automatically synchronize to your portable player? Can't you just transfer music by hand?"

@fluffy @jk @SuricrasiaOnline “why would you not want certain songs or albums to appear in shuffle? why don’t you just delete those songs”

@SuricrasiaOnline when I was at a coding school I asked for help on stackoverflow for something and added "please ignore the fact that I use a while loop with an increment instead of a for loop. My school has a coding norm that's annoying on purpose"

The reply I got:
"your while loop stupid and your school is stupid. question locked."

@dzuk @SuricrasiaOnline I mean they were right about the school. But I needed help anyway.

In the end I realized myself that I wasn't correctly null-terminating an array but whatever

@SuricrasiaOnline once i was looking into isolating a user connecting through ssh and the top answer sums up to "do this instead: (a large paragraph about something that doesn't do At All what the question asked)"

@SuricrasiaOnline i have this problem, not with users but with search engines wherein ill search for a specific issue and itll consequently give me a load of bollocks completely unrelated to what i actually need to know

@SuricrasiaOnline bonus points if you use a search engine to find answers for a question and the first/only answer is a LMGTFY link to the exact question you asked

@SuricrasiaOnline I know I'm just adding to the chorus here, but this is every time I've ever tried to ask anyone in an Open Source Community about anything.

I just don't try anymore, and I don't necessarily like what that says about me, but.

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