I still think there should be a mastodon instance that federates on a delay equal to the light distance from earth to mars, so it is as if that instance is transmitting from the red planet

@SuricrasiaOnline User configurable light delay for arbitrary distances from earth would be so freaking rad omg

(I suppose they delay would need to be updated in real time, at least depending on what the coordinate system used is? Idk I'm not a physicist ^^')

@SuricrasiaOnline i'm sure such a thing could easily be created. i assume and mastodon will someday combine forces and become :3

@SuricrasiaOnline my favourite part of this is that the delay is quite variable, depending on where Earth and Mars are in their respective orbits.

@SuricrasiaOnline that's a cool idea! We could all see how fast memes travel in space.

@SuricrasiaOnline That would be hard to do since the lag time between earth and Mars changes day to day as their relative positions on their orbits diverge and then converge again.

@BertL you could write a queue that stores the post's timestamp and only federates when the timestamp is within the current lag time. I think it would automatically keep up in that regard

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