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Once safe international travel is possible again, would you be interested in attending a weekend demoparty in Toronto? Please boost!

IEEE 754-2008 indicates the range of numbers supported. It's so unfortunate how 753 and 2009 were so close, but got cut

wishing I wasn't trans for exactly ONE reason and that's so I would have a more creative three words to say to my 18 year old self than the canonical "you're a girl"

I'd like to share with you all a map I made using Kid Pix for a tabletop RPG I'm running with some friends

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"how many multitudes do you contain?"
"oh you know, many"
"you are like little baby, watch this"

"I contain multitudes" is a little much. I contain some stuff

coming into conciousness in the sim, the proto-reality. piecing together a digital body for yourself from a fistful of polygons. shifting the vertices by hand to reflect your emotion.

just spent 6 hours hyperfocusing on uploading a custom mesh avatar to second life. I was successful

three of the most recent 10 exegfx prods on pouet have trans symbolism in them C:

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