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someone should make a browser extension that automatically rounds up all prices like $9.99 to $10

I find one dollar bills very amusing for some reason. It's so small for a bill, it's like seeing a 100 dollar coin

This is one of my few parlor tricks. Another is singing the first two lines of 99 Luftballons to english speakers and asking if they know what I'm singing (they never do) and then the third line and immediately they get it

Relatedly, I have aquired the strange skill that I can zoom in on that telescope from Google maps using only satellite imagery cues. I can also do that with some forest rings in northern Ontario, and the MS World Discoverer wreck in the Solomon Islands

Speaking of which do y'all remember that misprint in Cryptonomicon that used the word "discreet" instead of "discrete"?

Imagine the kind of extremely minute conversations you could have if everyone worked off the same set of memories. You could discuss with someone about a misprint in the first run of a book series released in 2003, jumping around in memories, trying to remember when you (them? we?) accidentally selected the wrong spelling correction in MS word

Could you imagine someone talking to you and segueing into a discussion about the staircase behind their highschool and you know exactly what they're talking about despite never having been there?

It's a very peculiar feeling when someone says "you know that <very specific thing> over near <very specific place>" and you know exactly what they're talking about, even though there is no reason why you should. For example, I was reading The Three Body problem and it mentioned a radio telescope south of Ürümqi, and its satellite image came to my head immediately because I had researched it years earlier for a (now defunct) writing project.

Anyway this is probably what memory augmentation would feel like.

@SuricrasiaOnline you know what they say, every time someone buys one of these, a dragon gets its wings (for fuckin')

According to my calculations, there are three "Would you fuck a dragon?" t-shirts in the wild

We've heard reports that pen testers love to get vintage AT&T shirts to help them blend in as maintenance workers. We at Suricrasia Online were offended to hear this! What's so good about AT&T? Why not Suricrasia Online?! Is it because we don't have an official shirt? Is that it?!

Well that won't be a problem for much longer! We are proud to announce our new official Suricrasia Online T-Shirt, brought to you by RedBubble!

Buy yours today!

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