This is actually my favourite shirt. It makes me feel cute and cheeky. Except I cannot wear it outdoors for fear of unforeseen repercussions

Just a little reminder that you can buy this shirt for the low low price of $23.16 CAD a 0% royalty over on my redbubble

"Because I'm Don't Get Paid!"

Please, excuse my face...

Want a tiny nostalgia trip?
I've got you covered.

Here's the code, it's actually just a few lines of HTML and CSS:

This booklet is weird, it's like a capitalist scavenger hunt. If you use four coupons in a week (and get a stamp from each of the businesses) you get entered to win a 100 dollar gift card. Surreal.

I got a booklet of coupons in my mailbox this afternoon and one of them is for the sticker company down the street from whom I purchased that batch of stickers I gave away for free, and it is giving me ideas πŸ‘€

I just found a very old video I made of a prototype of the mastodon content warning system, back when I thought about it in terms of how spoilers are done on TV Tropes

There is an ssh server floating around where if you connect to it you are dropped into a chatroom

It would be cool if, instead if OAuth, you could add public keys to your account you could use to ssh into the instance, which presents you with a TUI version of the web interface

@SuricrasiaOnline does it come with a tiny radioisotope thermoelectric generator?

Oh my god, there is a Hot-Wheels version of the curiosity rover

someone should make a plushie of the new horizons space probe

Someone should make a masto bot that posts where New Horizons currently is. Maybe that someone should be me :thounking:

Expried: Fishies (Fish Furries)
Inspired: Furries (Fur Fishies)

Isn't it great when you back a kickstarter for a cartoon and then can never watch it because they host it on a site that is inaccessible outside the united states?

Deviations to this protocol are allowed such that the second step is replaced with player model mods for your chosen fursona

The Suricrasia Online Recommended Method of Gaming:

-> No enemy mod
-> Shark girl player model mod

This applies to ALL GAMES.

Opening a boutique that will TF you into a shark if you ask nicely

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