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(please don't boost) Ok everyone! I'm going to start doing a followers-only weekly merch giveaway! Every Monday I will select a random person who faved this toot and send them a Suricrasia Online Mug or Suricrasia Online T-Shirt (their choice, I'll get into contact directly for preference/shipping info/shirt sizing).

If you don't like raffles, you can "pay to win" by buying them yourself. They're as cheap as I can make them!

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Click Here For One Weird Mood
Discovered By A Local Mom

anyone got cool good tips for making extremely low poly quad meshes

@SuricrasiaOnline »It will be carved on every cornerstone and every obelisk.«

And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Blackle, girl of sharks;
spong ba squa pan

*comes back an hour later* Ok here I go:

spong ba squa pan

I'm about to make such a powerful shitpost. You won't even be able to handle it. It'll knock all of your socks off. You'll be telling it to your descendants for generations. It will be carved on every cornerstone and every obelisk. No I'm Not stalling for time. Here I go. wait hold on.. Ok here. Wait I got a call *puts silent phone to ear* yeah I've got a minute. Sorruy I gotta take this. In the other room. It's private. Bye

I just really want the IANA to come out with a .corn domain just for the resulting phishing and domain-trolling that would result.

Does anyone know of any good techniques for designing art/quickly prototyping ideas? Like drawing three thumbnails then drawing larger versions etc etc?

I can't believe I remember pi day but I missed my HRT-iversary

"that's a human person!" is such a mood despite that I'm not a human

drawing borders between instances in the fediverse. using percentage of shared emojis as a proxy for diplomatic influence

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