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@SuricrasiaOnline I want to start using this term for any unexpected and peculiar emergent phenomenon. "Black swan" was originally a financial term but is used in IT for an outage that cannot be anticipated, and thus is difficult to harden against. "Rogin's bear" could be, e.g., when code is compiled and then opened in a binary editor, displaying a Fibonacci progression when a specific language and specific software versions are used.

played AI Dungeon, ended up shooting Eric Andre with tranq darts from a helicopter

I had a dream when I was napping where arranging the multiplication table in a certain way modulo a particular number, and shading the results from black to white, would result in a photorealistic photograph of a bear

it was named "rogin's bear" after the presumed discoverer

if you carve the suricrasia online logo into wood I can see through it 👀

I say "pre-trained" and by that I mean "maybe a database of 2-gram frequencies idk"

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anyone know of a good non-neural-network pre-trained word-level language model that's performant and can give me the perplexity of a sentence?

I finally found a use for my @SuricrasiaOnline sticker!! I'm going to put it on my server and it'll boost the performance by 24.8%!!

looking for photographs that incidentally look like CGI

(Skrekkøgle's Still File need not apply)

October 22nd, 2023. All rooms suddenly shrink by 1 inch. The phenomenon remains unexplainable.

it would be hype if I had a colour picker on my twitch streams that viewers can use to choose the colour of different items in my live shaders

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