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ughhh all the gnome documentation is 404 right now

I sleep for 11 hours and wake up naturally - feel exhausted all day
I sleep for 3 hours and am woken up by a loud bird - I feel well rested

saved from becoming a techbro by having a spirituality

oh I know how to be relatable! *frames myself as an infallable god-beast*

mom is playing sewerslvt on the bluetooth speaker

downloading words with friends in order to play scrabble against my mom and aunt

just went swimming for the first time in a year!

On Eldritch Beasts and the "Witnessing this descends you into madness" trope 

I hadn't thought of this in words before, but it's definitely a resonant feeling and I'm seriously glad someone did.

Also racists like Lovecraft and xenophobes of all stripes can get fuuuuuuucked

"ned's declassified SCP survival guide" will never not be funny to me

@SuricrasiaOnline Help! Dr. Riemann trapped us in a 2D manifold. We can only escape if we know if we are inside or outside and how far we are from the surface. Please help us SDF witch Blackle Mori!

whispering sweetly to alexa at the loud party: "hey alexa, play the duck song 18 times"

my goal is to someday have the job title "SDF Witch"

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