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anyone have that thing where you see a piece of art and ur like "yeah a trans girl made this" and then you look it up and sure enough

searching "earth day nft" to put myself on tilt

I keep going biphasic by accident I hate it hate it hate it hate it

I love math papers:

"3 Running forward with eyes closed
In this section we shall show that the Angel of sufficiently large power can defeat the Nice

I think the philosophy conflict between pro-crypto and anti-crypto people is I don't believe something has value because it is scarce. citing economic theory from the 1800s is not going to change my value system

I got the gpt2c program working with the large model and it will just generate entire SCP articles from "Item #: SCP-420"

I feel like you couldn't design a more perfect incentive system to burn energy if you tried

calling bitcoin mining "flexible load" is like calling household lighting "flexible load" because we can ask everyone nicely to turn off their lights and sit in the dark

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"nobody trusts each other" is also the philosophy that leads to nuclear war

"Energy management companies that [...] could build software to decide in real-time the best use for a newly created electron: whether to use it, store it, or mine it." I'm going to become the joker

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ultimately the whitepaper is just a tool that blockchain apologists can send to people pointing out that 30% of the bitcoin hashrate dropped when a coal mine in xinjiang flooded

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asking the miners to trust each other and follow a renewables plan flies in the face of the bitcoin philosophy which is "network consistency in the absence of trust". nobody trusts each other, why should they?

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if the ultimate goal is for the global hashrate to follow the renewable energy duck curve, you have to deal with the incentive to mine against the curve. when hashrate is low, your odds are higher

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any green blockchain proposal that asks miners to shut off their rigs while wind/solar supply is low is dead in the water. they're not going to do that

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reading the bitcoin clean energy whitepaper and it's basically "we believe that maybe this will work :)" over and over again

what I'd expect to see is a time-space tradeoff to be made where it takes longer to compute but doesn't require as much memory. I'll always be willing to wait longer than to go out and buy a GPU with more ram

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