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Also if I enabled them the feed would go by way too fast

Fun fact: I actually keep boosts disabled in my home timeline on this account bc I'm more interested in what everyone has to say for themselves

It feels like a lot of my posts are normative statements about how social media should be...

The less you use social media as a soapbox or a place to push your wares the better imo.

That's not to say "don't share what you make" or "don't speak your mind". What I mean is, you should be making connections with people. You should be making friends.

idk, sometimes people have bad takes but that doesn't mean they are plotting against you, you know?

Stop fretting over your follower/following ratio by making them always equal uwu

Blackle Mori's Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The Fediverse:

-> Reply To Things. Talk About Things. Admit When You're Wrong. You Don't Have To Win
-> Follow Back When People Follow You. Mutuals Over Followers
-> Cultivate Your Own Space. You Are Allowed To Block And Mute.

And you have to incorporate that feedback into the next sprint as work.

Also there would be random requests from executives like "add advertisement banners to the main view" and stuff

I want to design a tabletop game based around scrum where you have to design a piece of software by drawing on paper and cutting out the UI elements and pasting it on a big board. And at the end of every sprint (which lasts an hour) you take a set of "customer feedback" cards which have random complaints and desires like "the user interface should be blue" or "when
I click on any button that says "go" it should play a sound"

@SuricrasiaOnline pull request implements a clearly-immoral feature: "eh, we can take this. it'll increase Engagement"

pull request violates code formatting standard: "oh HECK no"

Unrelated to everything: I'm going to meetup with my girlfriend next month and I'm very excited C:

It would be cool to write some software around a set of core values / philosophy. and every commit is compared against these values to see if they uphold or undermine them

The desire for unbounded growth of users is based in capitalism's need for unsustainable growth. I think we should reject this.

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