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so apparently you can run shaders as your wallpaper in KDE?? so here's a desktop ft. @SuricrasiaOnline

got face cleanser and moisturizer and I'm gonna try to like... take care of my face finally

rebecca black is coming to TORONTO next year?!?! :floshd:

someone will say this about me someday and that will be when I know I have peaked

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damnn,, her eunuch game was too strong for me bro 🥴😳

"I'm an excellent conversationalist" I say, after making 10 fart jokes in a row

kinda tempted to start a twitter spaces thing just to see what would happen

actually have ideas for what each of these things mean lmao

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a light novel called "Aimara Aimara&Image22&The Our World Story"

feel like I just saw someone pass my tl with the username "sleep goer 5" and I'm not sure if I just hallucinated it

everytime I watch summer wars I tear up at a different part

"shut up, math nerd! this isn't long division!"

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