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If you're in the US you can probably use the apps Libby (♥️) and Hoopla to get free eBooks and audiobooks from your local public library. (As a librarian I like Libby more cuz it's more cost effective haha. Plus it has no borrowing limit per month like Hoopla does)

And then with the money you saved you can give it to your local black mutual aid organization

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the alien's name is buckaroo and he's going to his boyfriend's house

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Streaming a 1 hour shader stream with music by Aetherflow ( in 3 minutes!

watch here!
:blackle: 💥 🎨

I will be streaming a live shader on the neuvoids twitch channel at 7 PM EST tonight!

apparently none exist for 5x5 and 6x6 chessboards, according to my program

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I'm about to nerd snipe y'all

does there exist a knight's tour on a standard chess board where each position doesn't share any digits with any adjacent square?

e.g. here is one on a chessboard that is missing some squares

__ 32 19 48 17 34 7 __
50 47 52 33 6 9 24 35
31 20 49 18 23 16 5 8
46 51 22 53 10 25 36 15
21 30 45 26 37 14 55 4
60 27 38 11 54 3 40 1
29 44 61 58 39 42 13 56
__ 59 28 43 12 57 2 41

notice that we're stuck and can't put a 62 in the bottom left square, since it conflicts with the 29 square directly above it

Suricrasia Online is also an escapist production farm

The queen of their domain, the administrator, was the source of the bomb. She knowingly or unknowingly conjured its trigger. Within their world, it manifested as an iron lever deep in the foundation of her castle. In the chat, it was a bracket and a backslash, a crude representation of the switch being thrown. And in our world, the world that would become the innermost narrative in a convoluted tale told within the walls of The Dragon’s City, the trigger was simply the enter key on her keyboard.

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The Dragon’s City was a server hosting 12 participants in an unending collaborative story. Each had lovingly crafted a character to represent themselves, an avatar to experience the city on their behalf. Through them they'd interact with the world, and each other, embarking on quests, adventures, byzantine political dramas. The dozen players lived a different life inside the chat, and over the years they had developed its lore to an incredible level of detail.

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An inversion bomb is a metaphysical deflagration weapon that creates a localized area of restructured spacetime. Specifically, within its blast radius the reality–virtuality continuum is flipped. Fiction becomes fact. Lived experiences become idle speculation. The imaginary epicenter expands to consume the real. For a long time they were purely theoretical. This was until one was activated, most strangely, within a roleplay chatroom.

"Navigation of Anomalous Buildings" is fascinating because the lead author (Jacob Penley) became the black sheep of the field of hazardous architecture when he published "The Universal Navigation Sink" which claimed that all buildings were anomalous, since a particular sequence of directions taken in any building always lead to the same room. This claim could not be reproduced.

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here's a recording of the process on lunasorcery's twitch (we had to stream on her's due to technical difficulties)

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