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x86_64 contains an emoticon that summarizes my feelings on it.


I'm substantially more comfortable with blender now so it would probably take a lot less time to recreate this...

I wanna make a game like myst III with the pre-rendered panoramas

you know for the popularity of the game Myst, you don't really see a lot of myst-likes...?

truth trying to remember where she parked the well

"I'm not owned! I'm not owned!" I insist as I slowly transform into a dril tweet

Social Media Meltdown (cw: eye contact, highly aggressive at viewer)

summer wars spoiler 

fun exercise: watch summer wars and use your tech knowledge to justify what they do in the virtual world instead of using it to dismiss it as "unrealistic"

hot take: it doesn't matter if hacking in movies is realistic, as long as it gets the gist of what it's like and looks cool

code and notes for the SFPC Code Societies workshop that I wrapped up last night, entitled "Computational exploration of magical and divinatory language" including automated random word squares, magic words through noise applied to phonetic hidden states, oracle card vectorization, tarot t-SNE, etc.

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