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fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ 🥁💥💻

sorry if this is annoying, but I'm moving accounts!

I can't use mastodon's built-in move accounts feature because it's a different server implementation

weirdly, mounting the drive is only visible within a single su session. if I make a new session, I can't see the drive in the mount listing anymore..

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it's kinda fun owning a single board arm computer that has a pcie slot because the internet tends to believe they don't exist, so most searches like "nvme android mount" go nowhere

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I'm assuming I need to like, communicate with some daemon to tell it that a new block device is connected... or do something with sdcardfs? very confusing and very difficult to search...

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I have an oldish rock960 board with an nvme ssd attached. on android it appears as /dev/block/nvme0n0p1 and I can mount it somewhere and read/write from it. however, the rest of android can't see it as an external storage device.

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hmm anyone know how to make a mountable device node on android accessible to apps?

take a rest from your journey, young netjester, and lounge among us in the court of japes gone by.

"What do you get when you take an endless sea of matter and energy, a boundless space in which to place it, an infinite amount of time and ways to recombine it, plant within it the seeds of very tiny beings who by their very tiny nature will never have the time or energy to even fractionally attain a meaningful understanding of the impossible amount of information they've found themselves drowning in nor the unfathomable amount of work it would take to create a lasting and durable positive existential framework transcending all generations and all species in all places and at all times in order to merely halfway eliminate the stochastic manifold sufferings inherent in the phenomenon of life itself, and stick it all in an unending cosmic recombinant blender for over thirteen billion years?"

a Vaudeville comedian, knowing nothing:
"The Aristocrats!"

if it says "pending follow request" then you may need to unfollow/refollow. I think this is some kind of federation bug, because I would've seen you follow on my end

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sorry if this is annoying, but I'm moving accounts!

I can't use mastodon's built-in move accounts feature because it's a different server implementation

remember when I said it would be cool if someone turned openai's clip into a shared library?

well.. I did it

what is your favourite multi-format image loading library?

something something store queues, right? idk why I keep learning then forgetting how this actually works on the CPU

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suppose in one thread I have:

while true {
if (shared_var == true) do_thing()

and in another thread I have:

shared_var = true
shared_var = false

(note the lack of a mutex)

what happens and why?

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