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came up with lyrics in the shower and immediately forgot them augh

I refuse to play fight over what axis orientation is the best

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to me the z axis is the up axis and if you try to fight me about it I will simply say that your opinion is ALSO valid

I feel like rotations is one of those scary things with writing 3d stuff and I want to share the stuff I know so that it's less scary

that said I found a really nice quaternion rotation formula and I'm probably going to try implementing it in shadertoy

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I refuse to understand quaternions beyond "it's axis angle but sine and cosine is precomputed"

in the basement of abstraction, working the valves and pressure gauges

sores at the nucleo-familial cultural interface

*posts something that makes no sense* yes, now lets let that simmer with the ol mutuals

wow I just happened to pick two completely yonic examples

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want people to see me as a completely asexual being, like a hardware store or a rift valley

discord bot's name is currently "ed sheeran has consumption" and it made me laugh way more than it should have

@SuricrasiaOnline please for free no virus no scam 0 bitcoin please how to exist

my teachers always told me to add "please" and "for free" to every google search for best results

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making the mistake of starting an art project that is beyond my capability

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