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How Do I Rotate Text In MS Paint? A Guide For The Beginner

increase the gamut of your computer monitor with one weird trick discovered by a mom

Would you trust a shark with your internet connection?

remember when I was infatuated with perl (probably not, nobody here knew me in high school)

apparently virtual laser displays have excellent gamut because the lasers are monochromatic...

it turns out my global optimizer wasn't converging because I set the search range to exclude the global minimum. woops

@SuricrasiaOnline Not quite one tweet, but I still think tweetNaCl is an interesting example of something similar

That feel when you find a tweet-sized function that approximates a function that took 100 lines of python code to express

WANTED: my feasibility simplex

last seen 100 epocs ago

my global optimizer is lost in the vast plains of phase space

Anyone know where I can get a cheap but relatively ok resolution (10nm-50nm sampling) visible light spectrometer?

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