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hot take: computers are a game-breaking new feature in this universe

I'm fascinated by stories where new physics are found and things follow logically to completely ludicrous conclusions. For example, people being able to teleport, or create any object they wish out of thin air. Just a complete munchkin world. "Game breaking" I think you would call it

@SuricrasiaOnline I would go back to the year 69 to take a screenshot of the calendar.

@SuricrasiaOnline thinking about this a bit, '89 is a pretty tricky time since small personal microcomputers had become popular, so you'd meet people prepared to believe that a future computer could actually be that powerful and also so small (and stealable).

If you went back to the 60s or early 70s, it's unlikely folks would think the laptop is anything other than a terminal somehow remotely accessing a larger system. You could probably make it appear to be useless on its own.

blackle "wants to push the boundaries of storytelling but cannot finish a goddamn story in her life" mori

like my lecture slides for the thermal echo effect, and the (unpublished) fake review of a fake game by a fake person for a fake games review site archived by a fake web archiving service

I kinda wanna add a specific place on the suricrasia online website for my stories and call it "artefacts from PORTAL" or something

fuck me this is crystalizing in my mind already, and I'm already in the middle of writing a different story

@SuricrasiaOnline when opened, a layer of accumulated dust from the lid rose into the air. A post-it note was attached to the palm rest, on it was written in pencil a username, password, and a mark from where something else had been erased.

@SuricrasiaOnline The bombe was just an elaborate machine to hide the operator sitting inside on a 2019-era laptop that Turing found abandoned in a London alley.

I'm such a sucker for time slip, time loop, and time travel stories

I would actually be very interested in reading/writing a story where a 2019 era gaming laptop is discovered in an abandoned tech company's office as another startup is moving in... in 1989

sometimes, it is fun to imagine frivolous things to do with the power of gods

@SuricrasiaOnline never even hint that you have a machine out of the ordinary at all, just submit results that depend on computation and some plausible-ish optimizations that they didn't know about in 1989 to do it

@SuricrasiaOnline Ooh, almost forgot - suck basically all of the money out of the world economy and crash it with advance stock knowledge, topple numerous dictators with embarrassing personal and/or state secrets, and predict every earthquake, tsunami, and solar flare for the next few decades

1. Download the latest dump of wikipedia, including all images, edit history, and languages
2. Go back to January 15, 2001
3. Send Jimmy Wales the goods
4. Sit back and enjoy the chaos

@SuricrasiaOnline Hence why you break *all* the contemporary encryption regimes! Either they're all broken (they are) or you really do have the compute power, or both.

@SuricrasiaOnline can I get a printer with ink as well?

'cause I'm going to 1600 and beating Napier to log tables

@SuricrasiaOnline I have a feeling the laptop's hard drive is going to be a much more valuable tool than the graphics card or processor if I'm able to fill it up with historical info before hand.

The question now becomes, how much valuable historical records can you gather in a day :P

Also, you can just bring the full metasploit repo to any previous year and enjoy the 0days \o/
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