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this is what computers are and it's pretty fucked up

New Horizons looks a bit like that fellow from Gravity Falls

I've been mashing F5 on the new horizons news center page since August

Medusa found an 0day and is writing malware to turn your machine into a brick.

The Sphinx is sending riddles with her Xerox. If you get them wrong, she drowns you in black faxes.

A cyclops is port scanning a local area network during their day job as a pentester.

Cyberpunk + High Fantasy = Sirens whistling into the telephone receiver at the right frequency to get free long distance

The Internet Is For Comparing Celebrities' Hands, Finding The Number Of Outback Steakhouses That Neighbour A Pharmacy, And For Having A Good Time!

The Internet Is For Making Friends, Looking Up Tig Welding Tutorials, And Showing People The Pile Of Gravel Behind Your Dog's House

My gender is... *squints at teleprompter* squinting at a teleprompter???

Say what you want about Smash Mouth, but All Star fucken SLAPS

I'm currently running experiments on morality metrics of iterated prisoner's dilemma strategies

New Horizons is now half an AU from ultima thule O:!

The new random number generation stuff in the C++ standard library is really great

I just named a class "RobotPrisoner" and it actually makes sense I swear

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