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not all things need to last forever to be valuable

not all things have to grow exponentially to be valuable

c++ programming take 

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c++ programming take 

daily reminder that if you're recording a scripted video where you have to say the name you don't know how to pronounce, you can just look up how to pronounce it. it's not endearing to say you don't know how to pronounce it, just look it up!!!

get to choose how worn the edges are, if it's a hardcover/softcover, if it's been UV bleached, etc etc

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thinking of writing a program that takes in an image and performs degredations on it to make it look like it's a scanned book

here's a thought: is there variance to the dimensions of pixels on a camera's image sensor? like are some rows/columns of pixels slightly wider or narrower than others within some tolerance? 🤔

you could potentially simulate that during 3d rendering, and the imperfection might be perceptible if it like, causes moiré patterns to look different than naïve sampling :thounking:

pleased to see that the suricrasia online website works pretty well in w3m, check it out!

a chatbot that has an extremely large dataset of sentences, all with corresponding sentence embeddings, and responds to your question by embedding it and picking the closest sentence in its dataset

when someone is crying:

expired: "oh don't cry!"
inspired: "it's ok to cry"

@SuricrasiaOnline just had my boss's boss's boss's boss give me a shout out for modernizing our (terribly error prone) hr employee appraisal system over the last 4 months while maintaining 100% compatibility with both the user documentation and system it replaced. seeing this post immediately after that makes me feel flippin awesome lol

maintaining and modernizing old code is important, actually

this would honestly make testing performance oriented c++ a lot easier, since the main way for unit testing c++ is by doing dependency injection and taking advantage of interfaces to mock things out. but that requires heap allocations for all the class dependencies, which can be very slow

the other way is by making everything template classes and passing in dependencies as template parameters. but having every class a template class sounds like a quick way to make your builds last forever

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here's an idea: a c++ testing framework that reads .o files for testing and mocks out the external symbols present in the section header

maybe you could use that technique to quickly fine-tune a network on some chosen data instead of needing to train it 🤔

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