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bonzomatic is text based but I'll teach you the ways. follow me into the unknown and we'll light the way together. we'll find new ways to make spaces, find new sights to behold~

I feel like one of these days someone is going to ask what software I used to make some 3d thing I posted and I'm going to have to say "uhhh bonzomatic but uh... it's very uh... text-based"

did a blender on stream tonight and got through some brain blockages to make this bug have legs and some more texturing

I stream weekly but at different times every week, which as we all know is the best schedule

computer woes, facetious, i dont even know what this means 

computer woes, facetious 

oh yeah this would be a single user mastodon instance thing

admin would likely be done with config files or smth

if I were to actually do this it would be an api-only thing that you use something like pinafore with

to get it running you do:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

I wanna write an activitypub instance in c++ someday..

suricrasia online is a for profit company. our budget is 0 dollars and our revenue is 0 dollars

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