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I'm going to explode I hope my ADHD lets me finish it 😤

I'm so hype to drop this thing I've been working on y'all

I could barely sleep last night because knowledge from beyond this universe had overtaken me

talk to transformer is really good for my writer's block but very bad for the quality of my writing...

The year is 1971. The Apollo 12 Lunar Module descends toward the moon surface, the first manned craft to perform the maneuver. Aboard are astronauts Gus Grissom and Alan Shepard, as well as the most sophisticated digital computer yet built: The Apollo Guidance Computer. Minutes before landing, a program alarm initiated by the AGC rings out inside the cockpit. But this alarm did not signal an error, fault, or warning. Instead, it triggered a sequence of events still shrouded in mystery today.

And now: a new book from the Suricrasia Online Online Library

From Mantax Case Studies in Computer Consciousness:
"The Apollo Guidance Computer"
By Heather Meafield and Earl Dayles is one of the best websites on the internet

Here are the results of the shader stream! thanks everyone for tuning in {^wvw^}

a fragment of a sliver of an idea 

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