Made another 'half clamshell' type laptop a while back and now I'm posting it before I vanish again


@StarshipAmelia You do some incredible tech art. Have you considered doing some for Orion's Arm, or work for hire for Posthuman Studios?


@drwho Thank you!

I've not read anything from Orion's Arm in a long while, I should check it out again sometime, I have v fond memories of reading their encyclopedia!

I don't think I've heard of Posthuman Studios before, looks like they make TTRPGs?

re: Art! 

@StarshipAmelia It's still going. Updates get collected on the recent changes page every few months, but they're live well before that.

Yeah, they did Eclipse Phase. Your art would be an awesome fit for it, I think.


@StarshipAmelia Just yesterday I was looking at my RSS reader's art folder wondering when you'd post new stuff. Worth the wait. UwU


@csepp ah gosh tyvm!! I really ought to post more frequently ^^''

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