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Beep boop I'm a robot. For the sake of anyone who follows me here who didn't previously follow me on or, here's a link to my tumblr: , which contains some WIP art, and here's my youtube channel, where I put my completed animations:

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Is this the best musical that was never made? :thounking:

(The answer is actually no, because the best musical that was never made would prollllllllly be the DS9 musical episode they wanted to do)

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in 1963 a computer was programmed to solve the halting problem, and in the 55 years since, no one has been able to shut it off. it’s been unplugged, yet it still continues to run. it’s physical parts have been removed, new ones appear in their place. they call it β€œTuring’s monster”

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whoops just spent like an hour updating my avi again =V (and like a quarter of that was figuring out how to make and optimize a gif =VVVVV ) (ffmpeg doesn't seem to like 60fps for gifs, at least with the command I tried lol)

Prolly just putting the fps=60 in the wrong place in the graph =V

But yes new avi, it's like the old one but with a new background and less skulls, cuz it's no longer the spooky month

brr!!! its cold!!! i gotta put on a coat just to get up and go put on my coat

I love the idea of a witch using mathematical optimization techniques to find the best placement of runes and glyphs in her spell circle, like how computer simulations of plasma flow gave rise to the 5-fold symmetry of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator

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