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I haven't been fucked in like 4 years what do i have to do to get some fucking strap in this town

Posting trashy anime waifu shit doesn't become cute because you're trans, develop some taste.

2020 is the year we are listening to trans musicians and paying them for their albums

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I gave in a little and bought some oil for my poor fucked up little fingernails.

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Learning all the stuff in the cosmetics department is making me want to try them all even though I hate doing makeup and resent have to wear it so basically I'm being bimboified by capitalism

if the good porn artists posted to the fed i'd make a porn account but alas

cant sleep so it's ASMR in languages I don't speak time

My life is fucking desolate. I do nothing but work, I have no stable attachments to other people. There is a hole inside me that I want to fill with love but all I can get is sex and drugs and food. I hate myself, I hate the world I live in, and I have no remaining ambition but to run from life as I know it with the single-minded determination of a hunted animal.

Improper use of household chemicals 

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9/11 is for boomers, where were you when megaupload got raided? neverforget

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Gonna switch to a pleroma sever just so I never have to see the word "toot" again

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america fucking loves wars when theyre fought on foreign soil. we got hit at home once two decades ago and we're still pissbabies about it

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"boy cat" is a significantly different gender than "cat boy" and other critical points of note

If I'm ever not poor I'm gonna be an internet estrogen drug dealer

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