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*becomes a low poly version of myself to save on system resources*

The thing that's bearing down on all our psyches that seems impossible to grasp and absurd to state is that there is no US economy and there is nothing left of the US state but the military. We are living in a Potemkin village, playing roles that feel more false every day, all looking to each other for some meager reassurance that there's still any truth to the act.

i want an absolute hulking brick of newsprint thin pages explaining in excruciating detail not just how something is done by why i would want to do it that way. i want to have my fucking hand held.

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looking at programming books. i am stricken with the idea that a huge physical programming book will help me learn programming better than a mere ephemeral web page...

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I've got some fresh trauma straight from the oven piping hot and making my life extremely difficult right now

like who specifically wants access to the dock to be something that takes up the entire screen as opposed to just a little guy that pops up from the bottom when you want it

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genuinely unclear to me why dash2dock isn't a baked in function of the gnome desktop at this point. literally why wouldn't you want that.

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Femboys be like "I'm feral" or "i'm rabid!" get your fucking shots!

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Intel's 4004, the world's first single-chip microprocessor:

4 bit
2300 transistors
108 kHz clock speed
50 years of age

Happy Birthday!

"why don't you go manifest yourself some bitches"

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my roommate: "binary blob is what they called me in college"

there is something intrinsically satisfying about watching C compile.

Going to the orgy tonight girls want me to get you anything?

im doing lateral violence at white trans women with six figure salaries

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Is she, you know, In Tech? (unaware of how the wealth from her job at a major tech company has eroded her values and alienated her working class friends)

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