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kubernetes more like BOOBernetes am i right send toot

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I wish dependency management systems could be as convenient and modular as they are but without the side effect of so much code being used in products that a maintainer might not understand. I try to read through a lot of the source code for packages that I use, but I’m still guilty of just importing a package and then forgetting about it once I confirm it works.

Things that are fucking rad:

A 51-year-old demo record showcasing the then brand new Moog modular synthesizer, featuring electronic doodles by synth pioneer Wendy Carlos. More-or-less marks the point where synthesizers started to become widely usable.

I can't tell if I like functional programming or if it's just that writing object-oriented code in PHP frameworks makes me want to burn down every building in a 20-mile radius.

an advantage of pinafore is it's got single-column but it's not Literally Twitter

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