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You will never find a more registry hive of scum and villainy

I wish I had a dollar for every stackoverflow response saying “Why would you want to do it this way? Do it another way.”

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#Pinafore v0.1.3 is released:

- Add "Ozark" dark theme (thanks @SpankyWorks!)
- Click the current nav button to scroll to the top (thanks @mlcdf!)
- a11y fixes, show image description on hover

hi all! I updated to the latest version of pinafore and added two new themes - a blue scififyi theme and a really nice dark theme created by @SpankyWorks!

all of the code is on scifi's pinafore fork on github

I really gotta get over the social anxiety i get when making pull requests 😅

wow ok so: is there really no online resource where you can just open up a map of the US and drop pins on it without creating an account or saving it to your favorites or using an static image generator API? I haven't searched very hard but everything I've found wants me to sign up for something.

me: I'm going to get a kindle so I can have a device specifically for reading with good battery life.

also me: *tries to hack a serial/usb port into kindle to use as an eInk console display*

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To anyone looking for a good fun read, Tor is giving away free ebook copies of All Systems Red this weekend!


happy april 5th to everybody except lance ulnoff

like for real composer takes up so much frickin RAM to do `composer update` and the only answer anyone has is "increase swap space".

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