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nothing, lewd i guess, weird toxic masculinity thing 

if you're not screaming you're not a real programmer

the original iphone was the best smartphone because like. it didnt have apps. thank god. no apps. the scrolling was really nice. free ipod built in. good normal interface for browsing your music. touch screen where you could touch multiple things at the same time. and the best feature of all: no apps

Instance Block rec ; screenshot contains slur 

uspol, kingdom hearts 


When your project's logo was designed as a 3D model, you can actually do awesome things with it 😄

Shout-out to the amazingly talented @meowgorithm for creating this!

what if instead of rapidly making minor improvements to computer hardware and thereby generating a lot of e-waste we just wrote more efficient code?

I would never get cross at anyone for blocking me, I would block myself if this website would let me

me: "i'm gonna do it in perl since it's a little application"

supervisor: "no, we have nobody else who writes perl and that will make it harder to maintain, you can use rust though"

nobody else here knows rust either, i think my supervisor just wants something written in rust around so he can play with it lol

change your parents wifi password and just tell them you don't know what's wrong and to call tech support

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