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food, capitalism 

modern life is just technologic by daft punk

do you ever think about how google made a really good RSS reader, waited for everyone to switch to it, and then killed it, basically killing RSS

cursed and bad reference to bigot group 

Good morning from the land of "I'm 26 years old and still not emotionally over the Bye Bye, Butterfree episode of the Pokémon cartoon"

This 16 minute a cappella mega-medley of Christmas, Zelda, movies, webforum culture, mech battles, and general whimsy tells a more interesting "saving Christmas" story than anything I grew up with.
It's the most festive and creative thing, and watching it's been an annual tradition for me since its release. There are a fair few references I still don't get, but that's never impeded my enjoyment of it. has enough holiday spirit in him to feed an army.

The only opinion that matters about the new Star Wars movie 

I worked pretty hard in my teens to get rid of my southern accent

uspol, sex act mention 

What if I just turned my account into a St. Louis Blues Hockey fan account

angry white men with southern accents who feel entitled to shout at anyone are literally the worst type of human

Lie on your résumé because it's gonna be read by an AI first and the humans in phase 2 are just gonna assume whatever service they use validates that shit

I appreciate that even though his sexuality never really comes up in his games, the Phoenix Wright games let you know he's Asexual right on the box.

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