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Today is Wendy Carlos's 80th birthday!

She is a pioneer of electronic music, best known for composing the score of TRON (1982) and for her ground-breaking album, "Switched-On Bach" (1968.) In 1978, she came out publicly as a transgender woman, one of the few public figures to do so at the time.

If you enjoy electronic music today, you can thank Wendy Carlos!

Check out this BBC interview from '89:

#electronicMusic #queerHistory #transHistory

pinafore dev 

the closer i get to the end of a long project the more difficult it is to work on the project

Hi! I need to check up on this thing more. I just saw @marcozehe's blog post linking to some of the changes that happened with #pinafore and #a11y. Man is this client fast. The fact I can use it exclusively with hotkeys rather than screen reader virtual buffers is great. The fact I don't lose my place when looking at a conversation and then closing it is even better.

i write so many replies that i never send lol

'The "Administrator" account is a temporary "feature" that will not be present in the final retail product.'
- release notes, Windows NT 3.1 beta, July 1992

sleep, mh - 

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I can't stand silicone earbuds. It feels like they probe deep into my ear and I feel all the pressure changes in my head whenever I move my jaw. Genuinely don't understand why they make up 99.9% of the market.

young millenials categorize existential fears by courage the cowardly dog episodes

The Well-Tempered Synthesizer by Wendy Carlos turns 50 years old this month. After demonstrating that synthesizers were Musical As Fuck with Switched-On Bach, her second album goes a step further, capturing the nuances of Handel and Scarlatti, and even having an admirable shot at vocal synthesis. Give it a listen!

For whatever reason, Wendy's entire back catalogue outside the Tron OST remains tragically unavailiable, but Archive Dot Org has us covered.

what is the proper protocol for transferring someone a wee bit of hypertext?

good evening to everyone except the color green i am not taking questions at this time

bought a pinebook pro with the ANSI keyboard which should be here in december sometime

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