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it was the best of times

it was the worst of times

it was the year of the linux desktop

wild how they made all of the good songs in 2008

Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second with the help of SIMD instructions:

I haven't written a single line of PHP in nearly a year and tbh that's some empowering shit right there.

Why am I building a micro MVC framework in python using Flask?

Of course, you could have the link text be always underlined and have the underline disappear on hovering and could get the same effect. I wonder if there are any examples of links that behave this way already among websites with high traffic.

One usecase I can think of for not having links be always underlined is if the text link is sitting on top of a block link.

For example, when mousing over a toot the cursor changes to a pointer, indicating that you can click the toot to open it up. Hovering over a text link inside the toot will make the underline appear and communicate to the user that a different action will be taken when clicking the text link rather than the toot block.

got the platinum trophy in kingdom hearts 3 ama

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the peabody institute is stored in the baltimore maryland

This iOS authenticator app is pretty much exactly what I was hoping to find!

authenticator hasn't been updated in like 4 years on iOS. Anybody else with an iPhone have an authenticator app they use and like? Will prob just go w/ Microsoft's app if there's not a decent open-source option.

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