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Anyone have experience with ASP.NET Core? I've been specing out a project I want to do in pseudocode and have got the crazy idea in my head that it would be easiest to realize in C# (or Java, but I don't really want to go that route).

Mostly what I'm wondering is how easily deployable it would be as well as how accessible it would be to someone like me for development (worked in a few different web frameworks like Rails, Grails, Spring, Symfony, etc and am comfortable in C#)

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what if there was a device that was like a smartphone but it didn't run a modern OS, instead it ran something like an IDE that could make programs for itself and save them

if linux is so good how come there's no linux 2 like comment and subscribe

LB: this is my favorite toot on all of mastodon

it would be super rad if there was a database/sql ide that wasn't written in java and didn't have a terrible user interface

in this my 5th year as a full time software developer I am taking a freshman intro to programming with python class because if I get a degree I can make more money doing what I already do

Johnny Cash (full name Jonathan Currency), is an American folk si

i heard they've only gone and made a whole new type of computer, known as a Macintosh. and whats more it's got no key board

watch out gamers - theres a new type of Computer in town. its known as Apple. and its bigger, better, gamerer than before. whether you enjoy playing games or just like to kick back and annihilate your friends in online Gun Shooter e-sports, Apple computer is the computer you'll need from now on. Apple: be the best at fort game, battle area game, super marie kondo, space games, yoshi's cookie. Apple : be the best at games, with Apple computer - the new computer. For games, by Apple

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hi cis friends! (if you’re reading this while not being trans, that’s you!!) the dk64 stream is over but you can still replicate the experience!!! here’s how:

1. look at #TransCrowdFund here or on birdsite until you find someone with an active gofundme/ko-fi/paypal/etc. (this part should take about five seconds)
2. open the nearest window and stick your head out
3. shout “TRANS RIGHTS” into the void as you smash that donate button

it’s easy and it feels great to do!

my hot take is that computers dont exist. and have never existed

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*extremely Me voice* im the only person with taste. nobody understands what its like. my names Steve Jobs. look at this *holds up an iphone* look at my clucker

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