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i once knew a straight cis girl named quinn which is like a unicorn but extremely disappointing

i used to be the kind of person who was really productive only at night, but then i got a job and started going to school and now i'm the kind of person who's absolutely never productive.

Y'all what the hell is updog??? Every time I ask someone they just start laughing and ask what's up with me????

plsql is the most cursed programming language i swear to zeus

kudos to manjaro's xfce installer for not keeping xfce looking like a dumpster by default

kinda sad that the easiest way to make my laptop work with linux without issues is to boot windows and have virtualbox autolaunch lol

people will come up to you saying that sex "exists" and that they're "having it" but remember, that's just a common misconception. Sex doesn't exist

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Tired: year of Luigi

Also tired: year of Linux desktop

Wired: Lubuntu is short for Luigi Ubuntu and they’re the same thing

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Browsing through my screenshots.

Forgot about this beauty.

Honestly let's bring back bullying but do it to just gamers.

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The new She-Ra cartoon is like 90% lesbian energy

what the fuck ever happened to earbuds that don't probe so deep into your ear canal that they tickle your nosehairs

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